Do Ceiling Fans Save You Any Money On Energy Bills? 

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It sure does! Now, let’s discuss how. Ceiling fan usage profits us financially in winter just as much as summer, as long as we operate them specifically for the season. The primary modification between fan use in the winter vs. the summer is how fast and which way the fan is spinning. When it’s hot, such as summer, set your fan to rotate counterclockwise to strengthen energy preservation. In cool temps, such as winter, set your fan to turn slowly clockwise. Ceiling fans enhance the movement of cool and warm air throughout your home, allowing your HVAC system to breathe easily while simultaneously giving you the benefit of a decrease in your monthly energy bills! Washington Court House Heating & Cooling is mindful of saving your money, especially in times like these. So, let’s check out what ceiling fans offer you and your home!  

How Must I Alter My Ceiling Fan As The Weather Cools?  

Summer is wrapping up as the signs of fall begin to unfold. In Ohio, fall flies by in the blink of an eye, and winter announces itself before we even have much time to relish fall, which, by the way, is annoying because fall is my favorite season! Nonetheless, we must equip our homes for certain cold temperatures! So, how do we alter our ceiling fans to combat winter’s chill while remaining relaxed within our homes? Take a moment to inspect your ceiling fan. You should be able to locate a switch set on one side of your fan’s base. Once you’ve eyed the switch, turn off your fan with the pull chain and the wall switch. If you ignore doing both, you are putting yourself and others in harm’s way! When rotating the fan blade’s direction, we propose clearing dust and debris off the light covers and the blades. And, if you choose to conduct any cosmetic alterations, this is an excellent time to touch up the appearance of your ceiling fan. Once your ceiling fan is revised, it will appear like you are under the back of the fan. This shift distributes warm air rather than cold air, which is pretty brilliant in my opinion!  

How Do Ceiling Fans Work?  

Ceiling fans alter the direction of the air by wielding your home’s electricity. And while the spin of the blades doesn’t cool the air, it does deliver a wind-chill effect by pushing it down, improving air circulation and your comfort amongst the humid heat of a typical Ohio summer day. Come winter, altering the spin direction enables the fan, with the shape of the blades, to deliver an updraft, driving the hot air up and preventing it from staying stagnant. The air moves out and down the walls, facilitating a warm environment at your level so that you stay warm without your furnace having to overdo it. Furthermore, correct usage of your ceiling fans lowers your energy bills! Do not run your ceiling fans while you are away from home, though. You will only waste electricity and, thus, your money. Therefore, be smart about when and how to operate your fans, optimizing savings and averting mold growth and excess humidity.  

What Ceiling Fan Facts Should I Keep In Mind?  

To obtain the available benefits of ceiling fans, you should carefully note the dos and don’ts of operating ceiling fans within your home. It will help you discern what best suits you and your home’s necessities. While ceiling fans help strengthen the cool air within your home by propelling the air around it, make sure you get the most out of your fans and avoid high energy bills with these suggestions:  

  1. Don’t Run Fans on High During Cold Weather: Set your fans to a low setting to ensure cold air draws up as warm air flows. 
  1.  Get the Correct Fan Size: All ceiling fans should serve the room size sufficiently and be secured at a central location to gain optimal savings. For example, a 36-inch fan reaches approximately six feet from the center point and may not accommodate a more ample room efficiently.  
  1. Don’t Keep Ceiling Fans on All Day: When you are out and about, ceiling fans go off. You can always turn them back on when you get home. And, if you have smart-home automation, you can conveniently set your fans to switch on anytime!  
  1. Run a Ceiling Fan with Your AC Only: Operating your fan without your A/C is a fast way to elevate the temperature in your home because devices such as ceiling fans generate small amounts of heat that add up.  

And, if you would like to know more, please call today at (740) 281-5312, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here! Washington Court House Heating & Cooling values our customers and diligently works to guarantee your comfort in all weather conditions without the added energy costs! So, contact us today, and let’s get you prepared for the coming cold!  

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