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Keeping up with maintenance each year helps this dual cooling and heating system perform the way it should — smoothly and far more efficiently for far longer than it would without the service. Ultimately, maintenance reduces (if not eliminates) those surprises that leave us wishing we’d taken care of it when we had the chance when it would have cost a lot less. No one likes having to pay for emergency repairs to heat pumps. And yet, when we neglect maintenance, this is what happens eventually.

In any case, our heat pump maintenance service at Washington Court House Heating & Cooling is well worth the small investment, as it gives you peace of mind by allowing you to shift into heating and cooling seasons with confidence. Not to mention it allows you to enjoy a more comfortable — and much less expensive — heat pump experience year-round.

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What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is the smarter, cleaner way to heat, cool, dehumidify and purify the air in your home, and it’s an all-in-one replacement for your existing HVAC systems.

It’s called a heat pump because it controls your home’s climate by redistributing the heat that’s already in the air. In the winter, it extracts heat from the outside environment and moves it inside your home. In the summer, the process is reversed: The heat pump takes heat from inside your home and moves it outside. The end result? Your home feels great all year. It’s a pretty simple concept that adds up to comfortable and energy-efficient climate control.

Major components of a heat pump system:

  • Outdoor unit with a coil that acts as a condenser in cooling mode and an evaporator in heating mode
  • Indoor unit that contains a coil (just like the outdoor unit) and a fan to move the air through your home
  • Refrigerant that absorbs and releases the heat as it circulates through the system
  • Compressor that pressurizes the refrigerant
    Reversing valve that changes the direction of the refrigerant in the system, to enable the shift between heating and cooling
  • Expansion valve that regulates the flow of refrigerant through the system

Heat Pump Maintenance in Washington Court House, OH

Expert Heat Pump Maintenance at Your Fingertips

During a service call for seasonal maintenance, our NATE-certified heat pump technicians examine your equipment from top to bottom, investigating every component to find anything that might need to be addressed. Our team is especially checking for things that could evolve into bigger problems down the road. Ultimately, this saves homeowners time, money, and needless headaches!

To give you a better idea of some of the kinds of things we do during a heat pump tune-up or maintenance call, we present the following list:

Confirm proper and adequate ventilation

Testing for carbon monoxide and gas leaks

Clean and adjust ignition/pilot assembly

…and more much!

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Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance is Key

Below are few of the reasons all HVAC professionals constantly stress the necessity of regular seasonal maintenance on residential heat pump systems:

Washington Court House Heating & Cooling

Longer Lifespan

Wear and tear might occur as it works continuously in the long cold months. Leaving the issue unfixed can reduce your unit’s service life—and even put your comfort and safety in danger. Regular maintenance is designed to monitor and fix all your unit’s vital parts, preventing the possibility of expensive repairs and early replacement.
Washington Court House Heating & Cooling

Enhanced Comfort and Health

Your heat pump’s performance can influence your comfort and health. Without routine maintenance, it can put you and your family’s safety at high risk. Your unit can emit poisonous gas when it cracks. Fire hazards can also occur due to a short circuit. With regular maintenance, all these problems are addressed earlier, leaving you with a more comfortable and safer living environment.

Washington Court House Heating & Cooling

Improved Efficiency

Your heat pump can become less efficient and costly when it’s in bad shape. It might exert extra effort just to meet the comfort requirement of your home. Signing up for maintenance service with your local contractor in Washington Court House, OH can solve this problem. Routine maintenance ensures high-efficient performance and keeps your monthly utility bill low.

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Keeping the Warranty Vaild

If your home cooling equipment is still under warranty and you neglect to have your equipment serviced for even a single year, that warranty becomes a worthless piece of paper. This is because the manufacturers of air conditioning equipment also recognize the importance of maintenance performed by a NATE-certified professional. They mandate it be performed every year in order to keep warranties valid. Otherwise, if something happens, if a part fails or becomes defective and the system wasn’t properly serviced, the homeowner is out of luck. Why risk it?

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Because heating and cooling decisions impact your finances, in addition to your families' health and comfort, it’s important to find an HVAC contractor who understands your needs and will politely walk you through the sometimes troubled waters of home comfort equipment. One who offers special online deals and financing options. It’s also important to make sure you’re doing business with a professional who's NATE-certified, and has a proven track record of customer care and customer satisfaction.

Because our service standard is second-to-none at Washington Court House Heating & Cooling, our customers consistently give us positive feedback in support of our superior Five Star reputation. We are members of the Five Star Heating & Cooling Family. With this being the case, we encourage new customers to verify these reviews and ratings for themselves. This should be done before hiring anyone to work on your valuable HVAC equipment.

We guarantee customer satisfaction above all else on every call, every job we do — no matter how big or small. We provide 24-hour emergency services, 365 days a year, including holidays and weekends. We service, install and repair all the major brands of HVAC equipment, utilizing cutting-edge technology. You will be treated with the utmost care, professionalism and friendliness by a trusted employee of ours who we have vetted, drug tested, and screened above and beyond the state’s requirements. We do this to make sure we are sending you the absolute best the industry has to offer.

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