Do UV Lights Improve Your Overall IAQ?

Jul 1, 2022 | UV Lights, Blog, IAQ, Indoor Air Quality, OH, Ohio, Washington Court House, WCH

Good IAQ, known as Indoor Air Quality, is crucial for breathing healthy air in your home, especially if your or loved ones suffer from asthma, allergies, or breathing issues. However, if you have never heard of Ultraviolet (UV) lighting systems used in homes for air purification, you’re in the right place to learn more about it! Our air purification specialists at Washington Court House Heating & Cooling answer a few questions you may have about UV lighting systems and how they work to improve your home’s IAQ. 

How Do UV Lighting Systems Work to Help with Air Purification?

Nothing feels better than breathing fresh, clean air in your home. UV lighting systems may help you achieve your goals with home air purification. These lighting systems kill germs, mold, bacteria, and more by releasing low levels of ultraviolet radiation to control or extinguish the pathogens to avoid reproduction or infestation. 

Where Do You Install UV Lighting Systems and How Do You Maintain Them?

One of the most important factors when installing UV lights is where you place the lighting system. Our IAQ specialists at Washington Court House Heating & Cooling recommend locating the UV lighting system near the evaporator coil due to the level of condensate produced from the equipment. If the moisture is not controlled, the growth of mold, bacteria, and other unwanted pathogens can produce quickly. 

To assure the UV lighting system is assisting the most with home air purification, it is recommended to place one UV light bulb in the A-frame type evaporator and two bulbs close to the evaporator’s exterior tubing. In addition, keeping up with and maintaining UV lights are straightforward. All you need to do is change the bulbs every couple of years. 

The air purification specialists at Washington Court House Heating & Cooling can help you achieve your IAQ goals for your home. We care about the air you breathe in your home and can help improve it! For more information on UC lighting systems and air purification, call us at (740) 281-5312, or schedule an appointment online by clicking here!

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