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If you’re feeling a blast of cold air instead of heat coming from your furnace, don’t worry. The most likely cause is that your pilot light is out. Fortunately, that’s an easy fix! Don’t know how to relight a furnace pilot light? No problem! Just follow the simple steps below from Washington Court House Heating & Cooling to relight your pilot light. Be careful to read and follow each step to avoid any potential safety hazards.  

Usually, manufacturers provide pilot relighting instructions on the side of each furnace. However, this label might be hard to read if your unit is in a tight space or doesn’t have enough light in the area. We always emphasize following the manufacturer’s directions when possible. But if you can’t do that, keep reading for some general tips: 


1. Begin by locating your furnace’s pilot light. To do so, you may need to remove the burner cover if your specific furnace model requires it. When you’ve found it, proceed by shutting the gas supply of. The gas valve should be located nearby. Please remember to take this safety precaution because it will cut off any flow of gas going to the pilot light. If there is an accumulation of gas in one area, it has the potential to demonstrate harmful consequences for those nearby. So, turning off the gas is always recommended! 

2. Next, look for the power button, which is typically located near the bottom of most furnaces. Then, turn it off. 

3. For your safety, please wait a few minutes for the gas to dissipate before relighting the pilot light. Bypassing this crucial step could result in either a fire or an explosion. According to experts, it is best practice to wait at least five minutes. 

4. After 5 minutes have elapsed, turn on the knob that says “pilot.” (Typically, this is located on the pilot light assembly, which should resemble a knob-like switch.) Pressing the “pilot” switch allows gas to enter the pilot light. Then, press and hold down the “reset” switch while simultaneously igniting the lighter and slowly bringing it towards the pilot light opening. (You will want to use a long-reaching lighter or matchstick for this.) Be cautious, though! Once you see that delicate spark of flame in the pilot light show up, then you may release your grip on the “reset” switch. 

5. Voila! Your pilot light should now remain aglow, and you should be set to go! You’ll need to turn your gas supply back on again before wrapping everything up. And don’t forget to place the burner cover back in its original position if you did have to take it off. 

6. If your furnace has a cover, be sure to place it back on. Soon enough, your house will feel warm and cozy! 

If the pilot light still does not stay lit, there might be a problem with a particular component. If this seems to be the case for you, contacting an HVAC professional, like Washington Court House Heating & Cooling, would be the best solution because it’s important your heating unit is properly assessed and diagnosed.  

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