October is here, and that means so is National Fire Prevention Month, too. This is a month established to commemorate The Great Chicago Fire of 1871. What started as a week eventually turned into an entire month dedicated to raising fire safety awareness. It’s mind-boggling that a whopping 358,500 house fires happen every year in the United States alone. So, today we are here to remind you about the importance of fire safety for all things HVAC-related. With some simple tips and regular maintenance, we can save the day and keep those flames at bay. Join us, your trusty Washington Court House Heating & Cooling family, as we spread safety awareness and provide some helpful HVAC tips.  

How to Common HVAC Fire Hazards:  

HVAC systems aren’t profusely dangerous, so it’s crucial to first understand that negligence and questionable practices are what can lead to potential hazards.  

  • Electrical Issues: Electrical problems are often the mischievous culprits behind HVAC-related fires. As time passes, the electrical components become outdated as the circuits or wiring wear down with age. In short, this is something that regular maintenance will help to avoid.  
  • Clutter: One thing you definitely don’t want to do is let your HVAC unit be surrounded by clutter. It may sound silly as this may be an obvious observance, but due to the nature of most furnaces being located in garages, closets, or basements, it’s a common thing for items to be stored nearby or around a unit. However, it’s important to make sure to give it some breathing space. So, keep the area clutter-free and steer clear of flammable items like boxes, paint cans, chemicals, and all other random knick-knacks that need to be put up for storage.  
  • Poor Installation Problems: Inadequate installation is like playing with fire. Pun intended! The devil is in the details when it comes to setting up your HVAC unit. A poorly installed unit can quietly cause trouble, going undetected until it’s too late. That’s why partnering with a licensed HVAC company and scheduling regular maintenance checks is essential. 

Fire Prevention Recommendations from Your Washington Court House Heating & Cooling Professionals:  

  • It’s a good idea to create a fire escape plan that involves the whole family, kids included! You want to pick an outdoor spot away from home to rendezvous in case of a house fire. After you have formulated a plan with your household, make sure to go over it with your crew, making sure everyone’s got it down pat.  
  • Make sure your home is well-equipped with smoke detectors! Most everyone knows the importance of having a smoke detector in the home. But it’s also important to strategically place them on every level of your home (including the basement). Plus, if you are able to do so, it is also highly recommended to place a smoke detector outside the sleeping areas, like hallways. 
  • Most everyone knows the importance of having a smoke detector in their home, but it’s also just as necessary to install a Carbon Monoxide & Explosive Gas Detector in the home. These helpful detectors can sniff out carbon monoxide, methane, and propane leaks in the home. 
  • Don’t forget that your detectors need maintenance too! They should be tested monthly to ensure they still work. As a general rule of thumb, batteries should be replaced in every detector at least once a year.
  • Detectors don’t last forever. They have a lifespan of about ten years. You can check the manufacturing date on the back of each detector and replace them as they near the end of that ten-year timeframe. 
  • Be prepared for unexpected situations by keeping a fire extinguisher on every level of your home. It would be wise to place them in easily accessible common areas. 
  • Keeping bedroom doors closed at night is a life-saving strategy! In case of a house fire starting in the middle of the night, keeping all bedroom doors open can slow down the spread of house fires. 

At Washington Court House Heating & Cooling, our mission is to arm you with the knowledge and tools to protect your loved ones. The good news is that we offer a Whole Home Protection Plan, which is designed to keep your home and HVAC system in peak condition. Rest easy knowing we’ve got your back. Safeguarding your home has never been easier! 

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