Top Reasons for an A/C Unit Breakdown

Jul 30, 2021 | Air Conditioner, Cooling, HVAC

Throughout the summer, your AC is typically running 24/7. As a result, this can put a lot of pressure on your Air Conditioner, which could cause it to breakdown. Sadly, this causes your house to have no Air Conditioning until you can schedule an appointment with Washington Court House Heating & Cooling. Below, our knowledgeable HVAC technicians have provided the top three most common issues that could cause an A/C system to breakdown. 

Dirty HVAC Filter

First, the most familiar reason that can cause an A/C unit to breakdown is a dirty air filter. The air filter is used to keep dust, dirt, and other particles out of your AC unit. It is suggested to change your AC unit filter at least once every three months. However, during the summer, you should replace the filter once every month. If not done appropriately, it can lead to restricted airflow, damaged parts, or even a complete AC breakdown.  

Thermostat Malfunction

Second, the thermostat alone could be the source of an AC breakdown. It is essential to recognize that the thermostat sends the message to all functions and moving parts of the HVAC system. If the thermostat is broken, it can cause the AC unit to turn on/off more frequently, therefore making you think your HVAC system is broken. Our expert and NATE-certified technicians advocate for upgrading your mechanical thermostat to a digital or smart one, like a Google Nest. 

Refrigerant Leaks

A third way that could provoke an A/C unit to breakdown is a refrigerant leak. If you notice a solution is leaking from your AC unit, you need to call one of our professionals at Washington Court House Heating & Cooling ASAP. To keep your home cool and comfortable, the AC unit requires a specific amount of refrigerant solution at all times. If this leak occurs, it can lead to making your home feel hot, humid, and uncomfortable. Fortunately, a refrigerant leak is fairly common, making it an easy fix. In addition, this service can usually be repaired on the spot by one of our trusted and knowledgeable technicians by quickly recharging the refrigerant solution.

Schedule Your A/C Tune-up Today!

Remember, being aware of the common causes of an AC breakdown could be the difference between you and a comfortable home. Which can also save you money in the long run. To schedule your yearly routine A/C tune-up or schedule a heating or cooling repair appointment, call Washington Court House Heating & Cooling today at (740) 281-5312, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!

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