Warning signs it might be time for a new AC

Jun 28, 2021 | Air Conditioner, Cooling, HVAC

Does it seem like your air conditioning system is near the end of its useful lifespan?

Knowing when to repair an aging system or when to replace it is important if you own a home.

In the following, our technicians here at Washington Court House Heating & Cooling present several warning signs it might be time to start thinking about having a new air conditioner installed.

Age of AC Unit

An older AC unit could be preventing your home from staying cool. An AC unit’s lifespan usually lasts about a decade. Routine maintenance for an AC unit can often be overlooked which can cause destruction overtime thus leaving your equipment to age a lot faster. 

Warmer or Decrease in Air Flow

To keep your home feeling comfortable and cool, you need an air conditioner that runs correctly which includes refreshing air flow. When your equipment starts to produce warm, humid air, you’ll be running into some inevitable issues. Cleaning or replacing your air filters could help in the meantime but calling a professional like the technicians at Washington Court House Heating & Cooling could help you make a final decision.

Unusual Noises or Smells

When functioning, AC’s should sound like a low hum and should produce no smell. If you detect your equipment producing a bad odor or scraping, grinding or squealing sound, it is probably time to consider a new AC unit. Routine maintenance is crucial to situations regarding unusual noises or bad smells because a skilled technician could detect these problems before they become costly repairs. 

Frequent Repairs

If your AC has experienced repairs more than usual, it may be time for a new system. Although your equipment does require regular maintenance, your AC unit should not be in continuous need of repair.

Thinking about replacing your AC? 

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