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Don’t wait for an HVAC winter emergency to hit before you start proactive preparations – take the initiative and get ready now. To make sure your home stays warm even in avoidable circumstances, check out this helpful advice from Washington Court House Heating & Cooling


Indoor Vents: Keep your HVAC system running at its optimum all winter long by never blocking or obstructing any interior vents. Furniture and other items should not be placed near them or in front of them, as unrestricted airflow is key for the best performance!  

Outdoor Vents: During snowy weather, it is essential to monitor the exterior vents closely. Snow and ice can easily obstruct them, leading to poor performance. So, be proactive in eliminating any accumulation from the vent surface when snowfall occurs. Doing this will ensure that your outdoor ventilation works as intended, keeping you comfortable all winter long!  

Gas Meter: Snow shoveling and vent inspections are great ways to proactively protect your home in the midst of inclement weather, but don’t forget to take a few extra moments to inspect your gas meter too! When you take the time to do so now, you can save yourself from any future headaches – so be sure to carefully brush off any snow or ice you find accumulated on its surface.  

Windows: During bitterly cold weather or snowy conditions, remember to keep your curtains and blinds shut; this basic step can dramatically reduce the amount of heat escaping your home. 


Generator: Shield your family, property, and peace of mind by investing in a dependable backup generator. Regardless of if it’s stormy weather or any other unforeseen situation that triggers an unexpected power outage, having a generator at the ready provides you with assurance knowing that electricity will be accessible when it counts most.  

Portable Heater: When experiencing an HVAC emergency like a power outage, having access to trustworthy portable heaters can be so helpful. Fortunately, you have the option of selecting from different designs that are tailored to fit into any budget and fulfill your needs!  

Fireplace: Do you have a fireplace? With a stockpile of firewood, lighters, and matches at your disposal, you can guarantee that you are never caught off guard by an unexpected HVAC emergency in the winter. Having these items prepared ahead of time is essential to maintaining safety and avoiding unnecessary risks.  

Extra Blankets: Put your spare blankets to work! Store them in a container or basket that you can easily access. That way, if something were to happen with your HVAC system and you need some extra warmth, all you have to do is grab one of the blankets from storage. Having these extras ready to go will provide peace of mind knowing that any power outage won’t leave you feeling cold!  

Windows: For those who are without heat, the cold can be extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient. To minimize icy drafts, use towels or blankets to insulate your windows. Simply drape them over any windows! Doing so will help keep more of the generated warmth in your home while you are awaiting power restoration or for professional assistance to arrive.  

Doors: To ensure a consistent level of warmth in your home, be judicious about how often you open external doors. Every time the door is opened, cold air will rush into the living space and can create an uncomfortable chill within moments. So, reducing the openings of exterior doors to an absolute minimum is key for sustaining inner home heat.  

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