What To Do If Your Heat Goes Out This Winter? 

Feb 18, 2022 | Blog, Furnace, Heating, HVAC, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Repair, Thermostat, Tips & Tricks, Washington Court House, WCH, Winter

We map out every step homeowners need to take to ensure their awareness, preparation, and safety inside their homes. We don’t just wish the best; we find ways for our customers to have the best. Of course, if you are like most of us, as soon as something goes wrong, we call someone for help. But what happens if we give you the knowledge to help you be prepared if your heat goes out this winter? Well, today is your lucky day. Washington Court House Heating & Cooling will spend some time on this blog and break down a few tips: 

What Should I Do If My Furnace Goes Out?

The first thing you should do is call for help. More often than not, your furnace isn’t the only one that went out today and probably won’t be the last. So act fast and call the professionals to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. After you have called for help, while you’re waiting for one of our technicians to arrive, you can do some troubleshooting of your own. The main things you would want to check are your air filter, thermostat, breaker box, or pilot light. After reviewing those few easy fixes, be proactive and change batteries in your thermostat if it takes batteries), and replace your air filter. If all those fail, it’s time to start getting your house as warm as possible.

What Can I Use To Heat My Home? 

There are several household items and things to do to keep your home nice and warm until help arrives. You can layer up, use extra blankets, buy and try to stick to one room. On top of that, you can cook a vegetable dish on the stove and bake some homemade cornbread to keep heat circulating throughout your home. Just be sure to turn off the stovetop and oven when they are not in use; if not, this is an extreme fire hazard. If you want to try extra measures, you will need to shut doors in the rooms you don’t use and cover any cracks in your windows with sealant or protective film. 

How Do I Keep The Cold Air Out? 

Keeping the cold air out may seem like rocket science, right? However, most homeowners don’t shut doors that are not being used and cover up cracks where small drafts can come in. If you feel a draft coming under your doors, you can purchase a draft stopper at your local hardware store. However, if you are stuck inside or just trying to be budget-friendly, roll up your bath towels and stick them under the door. Doing these couple of things will change the game for you. 

Although we map out many things you can think about, we understand that more questions may come to mind while reading our blog or even after. We also understand that things happen when you least expect it, so if your heat goes out this winter, call the Washington Court House Heating & Cooling home heating experts at (740) 281-5312, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! For your convenience, we are available day and night for all of your residential HVAC service needs.

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